Mizuma Coffee

It was a happy coincidence that I was randomly driving down this street in Takefu and saw this place. I thought ooh, that looks like it could be a cute coffee shop! I went… Continue reading

Cafe コトノハ

I returned to the scene of the crime and went to Café コトノハ, where everything started—my inspiration. I didn’t remember how to get there so I turned to Google Maps. You know Google… Continue reading

Port Dijk

PORT DijK, pronounced port dike (how else would you say it?), is one of my favourites in Fukui. If the weather’s nice and I can make it time to watch the sun go… Continue reading


If you live in Fukui, you probably already know about M A R E. This popular spot is perfect for watching the sunset. Make sure you go early because this place closes shortly… Continue reading

Cafe ゆいまーる

Going to the Echizen Paper Village or in the mood for a ham and egg crepe? Either of those  is a great excuse to come to Cafe ゆいまーる. It’s literally right next to… Continue reading

Tea Garden

Do you take the Echizen line from Fukui up to the north? If you do, then you’ll have seen this lovely little cafe just south of Ozeki station. I wish it hadn’t taken… Continue reading

Book Cafe Godou

Along a tiny side street near Takefu station is this eclectic book cafe with a chill atmosphere and delicious homemade ice cream. When I first walked in, it was really quiet with no… Continue reading


As I drive through the streets of Awara, Fukui, and Echizen, I’m always on the lookout for cafes. At the Kanazu Forest of Creation, I stumbled into a quiet coffee shop where I… Continue reading